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uNdersea visiOn sUrveillance System or NOUS in short ("NOUS" means “mind” and "intelligence"in Greek) is a prototype innovative system that can monitor continuously (24/7) an underwater area of interest, combining Artificial Intelligence for marine and diving industry, eliminating the need for a human operator to perform tasks like object detection, image classification, monitoring, etc

Since its conception, NOUS was designed to be a fully autonomous system in operation.

The monitoring system consists of an underwater network of color wide-field cameras. An underwater hub at the role of a node allows the develop-ment of the network and the supply of electrical power, which is transmit-ted from shore. Each camera is enclosed in a purpose-built underwater housing, together with its multitasking computing unit, lens wiper and motor as well as monitoring electronics.


Additionally NOUS can be equipped with cameras for day and night (IR), led lights, laser, temperature measurement sensor, hydrophone for acoustic data, etc.

solar power

Electrical power supply comes from a solar power station equipped with photovoltaic panels, batteries and power electronics, customized to meet requirements of subsystems.

information acquisition

On site information acquisition has been enhanced with a weather station and a remotely-controlled 360 deg. camera for sea-surface and land monitoring.

data transfer

Data is transferred from the underwater network to land via fibre optic and then through an RF link to internet, to a dedicated server. GSM and satellite connections can be used as back-up connections.

image processing

NOUS is equipped with image processing and artificial intelligence capabilities in order to distinguish, classify, associate and perceive patterns in measurable parameters that take place and are considered of interest within the area of the sea wreck. State of art methods are used for the customization (training) of networks with local data and their preparation for real time operation.

Further on, by verifying NOUS as a viable and feasible solution on a short development timeline, this technology demonstration has the potential to lead to many other applications that explore and study marine systems.