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Blutopia Marine Park

Real Time

Underwater Camera Video Streaming
from Blutopia’s marine park

Blutopia has been leading the way in marine ecotourism and diving for the past 15 years. 

They are a family-run business and they specialize in showing people the stunning and remote natural environment around us. They are situated on the southernmost tip of Greece, on the island of Rhodes, which has a beautiful coastline of around 220 km. 

Blutopia offers a unique ecotourism experience in the vicinity of a Mediterranean Aquaculture fish farm with a focus on environmental education. Explore the wonders of Strongyli islet, where the fish farm is located within a protected area, for an exclusive treat that will leave you in awe.

They aspire to raise the environmental awareness especially of the younger generations by showing the importance of protecting and conserving these delicate ecosystem NOUS, has design and construct a monitoring system just for Blutopia. 

Two underwater cameras, monitor the marine park and a new special construction provides 24/7 continuous video from inside a fish cage. Giving us information for the farm fishes and their behavior.

Blutopia's uw camera #1
Fish portrait catched by NOUS u/w camera
Blutopia's uw camera #2 and the stand mast





Dolphin catched by NOUS uw camera


Blutopia's camera #1