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CERTH Project

Real Time

Underwater Camera Video Streaming
from CERTH’s Project

Special construction of the NOUS system for the CENTRE of RESEARCH & TECHNOLOGY HELLAS (CERTH), consisting of a total of 8 cameras with adjustable heights of masts ranging from 3 to 10 meters. 

Interconnection from the shore with a hybrid cable (power & fiber optic) of a total length of 300 meters, terminating at the first distributor (Hub). Then, another 100 meters of hybrid cable will connect the first distributor to the second distributor (hub). Similarly, 4 cameras with cable parts of lengths 25 and 50 meters are connected to each distributor.

This is a pilot application of the research project i-blueculture. The project concerns the possibility of virtual diving with a live transmitted image.

For this purpose, cameras from the system were temporarily placed at a depth of 50 meters, transmitting the image to a photovoltaic station on the nearby shore. Subsequently, the image was projected onto the three-dimensional model of the 3,000 Byzantine amphorae from the 11th – 12th century A.D.

In real-time, water columns and fish were removed and the same environment was digitally recreated, while the video with the amphorae was projected in real-time. 

Users who participated in the educational seminar in the events hall at the Alonissos Town Hall could then “explore” the shipwreck with tablets through a georeferenced application. This was the second pilot application following that of Skopelos in the modern shipwreck CHRISTOFOROS in the Panormos bay. [].

The project involves the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities from the Ministry of Culture, the CERTH, the ArxNet company, the Department of Underwater Surveys of the National Technical University of Thessaloniki, the Diving Center of Skopelos, and the University of Crete. The project is funded by the Research-Innovate-Create program from the European Union.

Blutopia's uw camera #1
Fish portrait catched by NOUS u/w camera
Blutopia's uw camera #2 and the stand mast





Dolphin catched by NOUS uw camera


Blutopia's camera #1