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Plimmiri Artificial Reef

Real Time

Underwater Camera Video Streaming
from Plimmiri’s Artificial Reef

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|| Cloud Storage for the images or video recordings, including object detection and classification data (ΑΙ) ||

poor and unstable signal strength in this area from the providermay affects the seamless video streaming experience and results in overall poor performance

Plimmiri is located on the southeastern coast of the island at a distance of about 76 km SW from Rhodes. To the northwest are Kattavia and Agios Pavlos, while to the north is Lachania. In the area there is the archeological site of the same name (divided into two zones) which includes:
– the fortified Hellenistic settlement and the necropolis on the hill of Plimmirio.
– the temple of Zoodochos Pigi and the early Christian settlement that stretches along the entire length of the beach.
– the archaic settlement and the ancient tombs preserved at the “Germatas” site.

Plimmiri is considered a place of significant ecological importance since it is a breeding ground for the sea turtle Caretta Caretta. It is a natural bay and the coastal zone of the beach (1,700 meters long and average width 25) is covered with sand and pebbles as well as its seabed.

In the area around the coast there are scattered houses while the land is covered by reedbeds, sand dunes, meadows, agricultural lands with significant percentages of natural vegetation as well as non-irrigated arable lands.

To its northeast there is a shelter for fishing boats.


Three underwater cameras, monitor the artificial reef giving us information for the artificial reef fishes and their behavior.

Plimmiri's uw camera #1
Fish portrait catched by NOUS u/w camera
Plimmiri's uw camera #2 and the stand mast


Realtime DPS bouy position

24/7 video recording: NOUS captures continuous video from all cameras and store them up to 60 days

AI and Video Recognition: NOUS use Computer Vision algorithms and provide intelligent surveillance with high-end object detection and classification .