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“NOUS” System:
· Can be configured according to the specific needs of a project
· Can be a complete system, self-powered, with communications, providing surface and underwater vision coverage
· In accordance with the installation targets, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms for object detection, classification and feature extraction can be customised by specific demands, such as the type of fishes, boats, divers, lights, sounds, temperature, salinity, etc
· Potential application areas of the system can be the diving parks, the marine protected areas, the underwater archeological sites, for biodiversity protection as well as for monitoring and classification

Real Time Cameras

  • Cameras can be used to provide real time video streaming, to a local network or to an internet IP address or platform.
  • They can be used for real time monitoring in commercial diving, marine constructions, underwater archaeology, fisheries – aquaculture, underwater video live streaming for TV, sports.
  • Each camera¹ is enclosed in a purpose-built underwater housing, together with its multitasking computing unit. The camera is connected to surface by one cable that provides power and network. The cable to the surface can be from 5 meters to 100 meters long.
  • Additional equipment (optional):
– Lens wiper with motor and software application that detects deposits on the lens
– Infra Red Camera
– Camera with higher resolution and various lens sizes²
– Underwater remote-controlled lights
– Temperature sensor
– Microphone
– Green or red Laser
– Camera mounting systems, at different weights, heights etc
[1] Camera specs: 5 Mp, FOV 160°, ΗD 1920×1080 24 to 30 Fps, mp4, H264
[2] Camera sensor SONY IMX477R, 12.3 MP, with 6, 16, 25, 35, 50 mm lenses

Surface Unit

· This unit is a robust case at the surface, where each camera cable is plugged-in, powered and connected to the internet.
· The unit is equipped with 5G router and antenna providing internet connection.
· Additionally it can be equipped with a weather station providing real time weather data.
· The surface unit requires 24 VDC, 5 Amp (max 5 UW cameras & 1 surface camera)

Photovoltaic Power

· In case that there is no other power available, the system can be powered from photovoltaic panels.
· The electricity for the system can be provided by a fully autonomous system of photovoltaic panels and batteries (2 PV panels of 310 Wp are enough).
· The size of the PV system will be based on load requirement estimates, meteorological data for the area and the requirement for electrical autonomy for at least up to 7 days.
· The power system can be fully operated remotely, via a GSM internet connection.