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NOUS stands for ‘uNdersea visiOn sUrveillance System’ referencing the classical Greek word νους which relates to the mind, perception, and intelligence.

Our NOUS is an innovative prototype system that provides continuous video monitoring at depths up to -150m, giving 24/7 watch over an underwater area of interest.
Symbiotically integrating Artificial Intelligence into the marine and diving industry, NOUS becomes your workforce underwater effectively monitoring object detection, image classification, site monitoring, and more.

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Bringing the power of A.I. to marine and undersea systems

OUR MISSION: To empower the marine industry with cutting-edge undersea vision systems that offer real-time streaming video and harness the power of machine learning algorithms for the advancement and protection of underwater areas of interest.

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Case Studies



Our Projects, Underwater Antiquities

Peristera’s ancient ship wreck

Peristera Ancient Shipwreck, Greece Real-time ...

Our Projects, Underwater Antiquities

Pagasitikos System Implementation

Pagasitikos, Greece Ancient shipwreck monitoring ...

Marine Biology, Our Projects

Stratoni Seahorses Monitoring

Stratoni Seahorse Colony, Greece Endangered ...



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